Create, develop, protect your franchise in Italy

with Pandolfini Law Firm

Create, develop, protect your franchise in Italy

with Pandolfini Law Firm

Franchising in Italy

For many businesses around the world, franchising is one the most efficient and profitable way of conducting business. Italy is increasingly becoming an important market for foreign franchisors.

Regardless of industry sector, all companies involved in franchising face the same concerns over risk management, partner selection, enforcement of quality standards, legal and regulatory compliance.

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As you decide to establish and expand your franchise in Italy, whether you are a start-up company or a mature business,
You need to get the best legal advice.

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Pandolfini Law Firm

Our experience for franchisors

We have over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of franchising and related distribution models across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including: food & beverage, real estate, retail, services, hospitality, fitness, entertainment, healthcare, education and technology.

Leverage our extensive experience in all aspects of franchising to mitigate risks and access our strategic advice. We understand the franchise industry and its diverse legal needs.

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Franchising in Italy

Franchising in Italy assofranchising

Franchising in Italy: almost 29 million euros the total turnover in 2021, up by +6.7% compared to 2020

Franchising is growing in Italy, despite the economic crisis. Franchising employees in Italy in 2021 grew by 4.7% compared to 2020. There is also a growing number of operating brands and points of sale, especially in GDO.
Abuse of economic dependence and franchising

Abuse of economic dependence and franchising: the AGCM opens a procedure against Mc. Donald’s in Italy

The Italian Competition and Market Authority (“AGCM”) initiated an investigation against McDonald’s for alleged abuse of economic dependence, upon reporting by some former franchisees in the McDonald’s network, who had managed restaurants in some Italian regions.
How to register and protect a trademark in franchising

How to effectively register and protect a trademark in franchising

Trademarks play an important role in franchising in Italy, but there are some rule to follow concerning registration, in order to achieve protection.

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