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The food & beverage franchising sector is flying in Italy

1. The importance of the food and beverage (F&B) sector in Italy Food and beverage (F&B) is a sector of the Italian society and economy that…

Franchisors: why and how to adapt their Disclosure Document and Standard Franchise Agreement for Italy

Many foreign franchisors underestimate - or even ignore - the changes in their disclosure documents and in their franchise agreements, whether they are…

Franchising confirms to be a growing business model in Italy also in 2022

Franchising confirms to be, also in 2022, a growing and successful business model in Italy, despite the economic crisis. Operating franchise brands, points…
expanding franchise italy main features pros and cons why when

Expanding a franchise in Italy through Master franchising: a brief guide

Expanding a franchise in Italy through Master franchising: main features, pros and cons, why and when it is used. Read the full article.
franchising preliminary agreements letters of intent loi

Franchising and preliminary agreements in Italy: the letters of intent (LOI) and option agreements

LOI (letters of intent) re very important in the context of franchise negotiations in Italy.
misleading advertising italy what are sanctions for franchisors

Franchising in Italy: the regulation of misleading and comparative advertising: the sanctions for franchisors

If the Italian Authority in charge of applying the regulation concerning advertising ascertains that a given advertising is misleading, it can impose sanctions on franchisors.
duration franchise agreements in italy

Franchise agreements in Italy: duration, renewal, withdrawal, termination

The duration of franchise agreements in Italy is regulated by the Italian Franchise Law.
disclosure potential franchisees what provided italian law franchising

Disclosure to potential franchisees: what it is provided for by Italian Franchise Law

Italian Franchise Law (law n. 129/2004) regulates the disclosure information and documents to potential franchisees:
how is franchising regulated italy

How franchising is regulated in Italy

There is a specific Law governing franchise agreements in Italy, Law n. 129/2004.
Franchising in Italy assofranchising

Franchising in Italy: almost 29 million euros the total turnover in 2021, up by +6.7% compared to 2020

Franchising is growing in Italy, despite the economic crisis. Franchising employees in Italy in 2021 grew by 4.7% compared to 2020. There is also a growing number of operating brands and points of sale, especially in GDO.
Abuse of economic dependence and franchising

Abuse of economic dependence and franchising: the AGCM opens a procedure against Mc. Donald’s in Italy

The Italian Competition and Market Authority (“AGCM”) initiated an investigation against McDonald’s for alleged abuse of economic dependence, upon reporting by some former franchisees in the McDonald’s network, who had managed restaurants in some Italian regions.
How to register and protect a trademark in franchising

How to effectively register and protect a trademark in franchising

Trademarks play an important role in franchising in Italy, but there are some rule to follow concerning registration, in order to achieve protection.
Litigation in franchising

Litigation in franchising: where does it come from, how to prevent it, how to solve it

There are several causes of litigation in franchising in Italy, mainly concerning the compliance with Italian Franchise Law.
Investments in franchising

Investments in franchising: how they are regulated in Italy from a legal point of view

Investments for a franchise in Italy are important also from a legal point of view: Investments are regulated by Italian Law no. 129/2004.
expanding franchise italy master franchising problems

Franchising in Italy: the 2020 scenario after the Covid 19 pandemic is surprisingly (or not?) positive

In 2020, franchising is one of the main drivers of the Italian economy, being one of the sectors reacting more positively to the economic crisis.
abuse of economic dependence   franchising

Abuse of economic dependence and franchising: the AGCM initiates an investigation against Benetton in Italy

The Italian Antitrust Authority initiated an investigation against the Benetton group for a suspected abuse of economic dependence, regarding franchising agreements for the sale of products under the Benetton brand.
franchising increasing in Italy

Franchising confirms to be increasing in Italy

The 2020 Assofranchising survey, referred to 2019, confirms that in Italy franchising is one of the main sectors of Italian economy, with an average yearly increase of 5%.
exclusive rights in italian franchising agreements

Franchising: defining exclusive territory rights

Under an exclusivity clause, franchisors cannot enter into other franchise contracts within a certain area. Exclusive territories are quite common in franchise agreements in Italy, since they avoid franchisees from the same network competing with each other and provide them with a secure slice of the market.
how is franchising regulated italy

Franchising and e-commerce: can franchisors (legally) limit online sales and social media by franchisees?

E-commerce presents a series of peculiar problems with reference to the regulation of the relationships between franchisors and franchisees, and among franchisees.
how expand franchise italy

Expanding a franchise in Italy: what options?

When considering franchising as an option for business expansion in Italy, a carefully planned approach is required. Franchisors have a variety of legal solutions to enter the Italian market; each of them contains advantages and disadvantages, that should be carefully considered, with the support of a local law firm.
coronavirus emergency italy legal issues franchisors reactions

Coronavirus emergency in Italy: what should franchisors do (and what are they doing)?

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge economic impact on all businesses in Italy, and franchise networks have not been immune from this emergency. From a legal point of view, the emergency is having a direct impact on contractual obligations within the franchise networks, to perform some services.
termination of franchise agreements in italy

Not to Compete Covenants after the termination of franchise agreements in Italy

Not to compete covenants after the termination of a franchise agreement are rather frequent in Italy. With this agreement the franchisee undertakes not to carry out activities in competition with that exercised in the franchise network.

Franchising in Italy: entry fees, royalties, purchase and resale prices

In Italian franchise agreements, franchisees are required to pay a remuneration to the franchisor for the granting of the so-called franchise package, usually in the form of entry fees and royalties.
franchisors protect trademark brand name IP

IP rights in Italy: how franchisors can protect their trademark and brand name?

Intellectual property rights, in particular trademarks, are some of the most valuable assets of franchise systems in Italy. With the growth of the Internet this assumption is even more true than ever.